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TelTelephone: 020 8452 0366

Out of hours: 111

New Patients

We are happy to register new NHS patients within our practice boundary area.

How to Register

  • How to Register

    To register with our practice, you will need to complete the:

    Online registration form:

    NB: Once you complete and submit this form online it will be sent directly to the practice

    Our New Patient questionnaire:

    NB: Please print and complete this form and send to the practice in order for us to fully complete your registration at Walm Lane Surgery.

    Please view this questionnaire prior to printing as it has some weblinks connected to sharing information.

    Important documentation required for registration purposes

    Please supply us with:

    Photographic identification

    • Passport
    • Photo Driving Licence

    Proof of Address:

    • A utility bill linking you to your current address (less than 3 months old)

    Further examples: Tenancy agreement, council tax bill or phone bill

    • Rough sleepers’ identity badge
    • Hostel Registration / mail forwarding letter.

    Until we have seen your identification you will not be registered at the practice. Please send us copies of the above documents required

    How to send us your new patient registration information?

    You can either:

    • Hand deliver or post to: Walm Lane Surgery, 114 Walm Lane, NW2 4RT
    • Or email: – NB: This email is ONLY to be used to send your new patient information

    For further information on registering with your GP, please visit the NHS website. 

    Out of Practice Boundary Area Registration

    Where it is clinically appropriate and practical to register, we now accept new registrations from patients who work in the local area but reside outside our registration area. Patients registered this way would not be entitled to a home visit from the practice. However, if you live outside the practice area and need a home visit, please contact NHS 111 in order to be seen by a practice closer to where they live.

    For further information about this type of registration, please contact us on 0208 0000000 or please come into the practice.

    Registering for Online Services

    You can use the Internet to book and cancel an appointment with a GP, request repeat prescriptions and view aspects of your medical record online.

    If you wish to register for this service, please click on the link below:

Practice Information

Walm Lane Surgery

114 Walm Lane, London, NW2 4RT

Practice Opening hours

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Practice News

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